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Our aspirations ....

Our aspiration is to promote Arts & Crafts and we are striving to bring every relevant part of the handmade industry together all in one place. This will make it easier for customers to find the handmade goods, products and services that there are on offer. Whether it be Artists, Makers, Retailers, Trade Suppliers, Events and Event Organisers or Educating others, we will have it listed on our directory.

The team ....


Annie Dawson

Annie has been interested in crafts from a young age and was taught by a very talented mother. She was able to knit, crochet, do embroidery and tapestry work and could sew by hand and on a machine. Her father used to sketch, so she took an interest in drawing as well and went on to do both home economics and art at high school. In later years she worked for one of the first Trade Exhibition Organisers in Scotland and was introduced to Art & Craft events where she went on to be an event organiser. Taking up art & crafts as a business in later years, it occurred to her that getting your work "found" on the internet could be difficult. So, the idea of a search directory to allow people to find what they needed and which would encompass the whole handmade industry was born.

Neil Dawson

Neil has over 25 years experience in the web development arena, and began dabbling in this network communications phenomenon back in the mid 90´s, when the power of the World Wide Web first gained popularity. Throughout these years Neil has seen many changes in Internet philosophy but has developed his skill set to match the ever advancing Internet technology. This is the foundation for his current role as the Art Craft Finder web developer. Neil's creative connections are linked to his photography. He ran his own photographic services business, focusing mainly on social and commercial photography. During this period he developed a strong customer focus and struck a solid relationship between his photographic and web development disciplines, recognising that websites require strong presentations.