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Social Media Assistance Service


In the early and conceptual days of Art Craft Finder it was and still remains our mission to provide a cost effective service to the Arts and Crafts industry. Now that our search directory is up and running, we are therefore in a position to start enhancing the services which we offer to our members. It takes time, lots of thought and effort to bring these ideas to fruition however, we can now reveal that we are ready to start providing our members with a Social Media Assistance Service.

Over the past few years artisans have increasingly asked about the management and/or creation of social media pages. In many cases, artisans are always very busy creating and never quite find the time to effectively market themselves to the public. Except through "word of mouth" even the best quality product or workshop is unlikely to sell well if no-one knows that they exist! Often there is a lack of knowledge or indeed a phobia of IT systems and networking facilities. We ourselves continually use social media to expand the Art Craft Finder network, so we realise how important it is to have a well presented and managed Facebook page. This will help ensure that your artisan products are shown to as many potential customers as possible.

As a service, we can either create a Facebook page on your behalf or indeed optimise your existing Facebook page for maximised visibility to the public. We will consult with you on the "best practices" for successful Facebook management. Our ultimate aim of this service is to assist you to a point where you can take over the reins and drive the Facebook page by yourself.

Packages & Costs

Facebook page creation £15

Existing Facebook page optimisation & management £2.50 p/m